Privacy Policy

Information on personal data management in line with UAE Data Protection Law- "Personal Data Protection Law, Federal Decree Law No. 45 of 2021 regarding the Protection of Personal Data".

Concerned Subjects: Website browsers
Fioness FZC-LLC, parent company of Vogenor, in its role as the Data Manager of your personal data, for the effects of and in line with the UAE Data Protection Law- "Personal Data Protection Law, Federal Decree Law No. 45 of 2021 regarding the Protection of Personal Data", hereby notifies you that the foregoing law protects data subjects with respect to personal data management and that the principles of transparency, lawfulness, accuracy, and your rights and privacy protection form the basis of this treatment.

The Data Controller will abide by the provisions of the foregoing law apply to the processing of personal data, whether in full or part through electronic systems, inside or outside the country.

The Data Controller will abide by the controls defined in the foregoing law for the processing of personal data and the general obligations of the Data Controller having personal data to secure it and maintain its confidentiality and privacy. The Data Controller undertake not to process personal data without the consent of its owner, except for some cases in which the processing is necessary to protect a public interest or to carry out any of the legal procedures and rights.

The data Controller will abide by the foregoing law's provision which gives the owner of the data the right to request for corrections of inaccurate personal data and to restrict or stop the processing of his personal data.

Purposes of processing: In relation to the performance of obligations pertaining to contractual or legislative obligations, your data will specifically be processed based on the following purposes:

Analysis and statistics of users and navigation
Custom content management or advanced navigation
Functional or technical access to the site without saving any data after exiting the browser

It is notified that it is necessary to process functional data for the realization of these obligations in order to properly manage the relationship, and the implementation of the aforementioned purposes depends on their conferment. In addition, the Data Controller states that the effectiveness of the processing itself may not be guaranteed by the Data Controller if there is any incorrect communication, or non-communication, of any mandatory information.

Communication: your details will be exclusively channeled to suitably qualified and competent individuals who can perform the required services to appropriately manage the relationship, with an assurance of protecting the rights of the party involved.

Only personnel directly permitted by the Owner will be allowed to process your data, and such categories of employees include:

Customer Assistance Office
Commercial Office
Analysts and Programmers
Sales & Marketing

Cookie management: You are always free at any time to stop the reading and setting if you are doubtful about the use of cookies. For instance, you can block certain types by changing your browser’s privacy settings.

Since there are significant differences between each browser (and usually between various versions of the same browser), you can check your browser’s guide for more information about the required procedure if you like to act freely through your browser’s preferences.

Depending on your preference, marketing companies also provide you with the option of opting out of getting ads. Although this stops the retaking and use of certain data by such companies, it does not prevent the setting of cookies.

Owner: The Data Controller is Fioness FZC-LLC, Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE .

You are entitled to obtain portability, correction, updating, limitation, cancellation (right to terminate), an objection to the processing of your personal data from the holder as enshrined in the foregoing law.